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EDS Wels 2019

Inferior Silesia Canis ISLA ILLUSTRIS at EDS Wels 2019

We don’t have any successes, judges didn’t appreciate my little sparkle, but it’s ok as the competition was strong! Besides I know exactly how much she is worth <3 For the judge she’s apparently, and I quote, 'too brindle’ 😏

EDS Wels 2019 – vg., judge Mr Andreas Schemel (A)
Austrian Winner 2019 – ex. 4/4, judge Ms Vija Klucniece (LV)

Big thank you to the Frymburk Crew for 💥 the best time 💥 and Iwona & Ilona for taking me back home <3 !!

Isla is bred by and coowned with Alex Linek (in the picture).